Monday, October 8, 2007

Maudlin Modeling

I am of Irish and English descent. The English portion is not the style of Princess Diana. It is more the hardy stock of Queen Elizabeth II. The Irish portion? Pure leprechaun. Having married an Englishman -- go Manchester United!! -- our offspring are also not the wisp of a willow stature. My daughter, like me, will be leprechaun'ish in height. Thankfully, neither she nor I are among the misproportioned short folks. We are well proportioned short people.

So modeling is not going to be in the stars for her. She can still make it as a pop star, her dream du jour, but she will not be Hillary Duff. She will be Kelly Clarkson-like.

Why a discussion of our stature and build? Because yesterday she did what will likely be her only modeling gig. She modeled old uniforms for a convention of Girl Scout historians. She had fun, but it was not quite what she had originally been expecting. She was expecting a stage. She was expecting many adoring fans. She was expecting to be discovered.

The median age in the room had to be 60. We're talking walkers, oxygen tanks and wheelchairs. Were there some young ones? Sure. I picked out a few who were my age!! Now that's the kind of room I want to frequent: one where I am a youngster.

So, no, she wasn't discovered yesterday. But she got to strut her stuff, first in a camp outfit from the 1980s and then in a shirt-and-bloomer uniform from the 1930s. Hot stuff!

I will now admit something I never thought I would: I, too, had to model an outfit. Yes, me, the antithesis of all things fashion-oriented, donned a Scout Leader's outfit from the 1950s and walked the room. One of the ladies there said that was one she'd worn. I managed to hide my not being surprised.

[Why the title? Because the Mancunian I married pronounced "modeling" like "maudlin," and it seemed to say it all.]


mitzh said...

This made my day complete! LOL

Well, we all have to find ways to make some of our impossible dreams come true.

N. said...

What? Maudlin and Modeling don't sound the name? I guess the remnants of my Newfoundland accent would let me pass as a local on the streets of Manchester. Not that I'm going to be walking the streets of Manchester anytime soon.

FYI - I probably wore the camp outfit back in my day.

Jeni said...

I'd love to be in a room where I am among the younger there. Unfortunately, that means I will be among folks in their 70's and 80's -or older than that. Not that there's anything wrong with that ya know but finding people around me where we are the young ones -well last time that happened to me was at my 45th class reunion! LOL Loved the post though, can't you tell?

josie2shoes said...

Well, I am only in my 50's but I too wore some of those button down Brownie and Girl Scout uniforms of yore. I smile now when I see the young ones in their Scouting t-shirts! How delightful that you and your daughter took to the stage together, sounds like a fun memory in the making!

Gina said...

As long as it wasn't a "Little Miss Sunshine" type experience, that's great!

That must have been kinda fun.

Mike Minzes said...

Models are treated unfairly in this world. Tell her to be a rock star. That's where the money and the fame is!

Plus, I need a singer HA

Toni said...

I did this, too, back when I was a Girl Scout! Thanks for reminding me of that long-forgotten experience.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to your her daughter's version of this story, oh, say 15 years from now.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Now THIS is flat out hysterical. Seriously, I had you pegged as the Pricess Di v. old Elizabeth!

Thanks for the fun trip down memory lane!

Anonymous said...

Where's the photo!! I loved my Brownie uniform -- I have no idea where it is today.


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