Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sunday Scribblings: The Book of Job

Here’s a fun exercise that all you home viewers can play right in your own living room. Make a list of all of the jobs you’ve had.

Donut shop server
Real estate office clerk
7-11 clerk
Obituary writer
Sales support staff at a directory publishing company
Shipping clerk at an exhibit design company
K-mart stock person
AM-PM clerk
Secretary at a cruise company
Secretary at a market research company
Analyst at a market research company
Director at a field services market research company
Research analyst at a newspaper
Database manager at a newspaper
Marketing director at a newspaper
Media and public relations director at a newspaper

This list is in chronological order. My first job out of college? The directory publishing company. “Whoa,” you say. “You mean you did the K-mart and AM-PM gigs after you graduated from college?” Yes, when one comes of age in bad economic times, one does what one can to stay employed.

Worst job? I must say I despised K-mart. And the donut shop? Dude, I couldn’t smell a donut for years later without getting sick. Don’t fret, though, as I’ve worked my way through my affliction and am now quite Homer Simpson-like in my worship of the donut.

Most unique job? The field services company. I oversaw the completion of 8,000 40-minute telephone interviews with Americans from all walks of life. The subject? Sexual practices and behaviors. Let’s put it this way: I know all the clinical terms as well as slang terms for everything.

Dream job? The one that isn’t listed. The one I’m doing now. Does the job sometimes border on a nightmare rather than a dream? Definitely. And no amount of shaking my children myself snaps me out of the horror. But, for me, the benefits package far outweighs anything else.

What about you? Care to tell us a bit about your job? Or do you want to read the musings of others at Sunday Scribblings?


Beau Brackish said...

Obituary writer? That is awesome. I would have the urge to embellish so I doubt that would work out for me.

My career path has not always been linear either. I started out selling slightly irregular sweatshirts and "unisex" sweaters to Russian immigrants at a NJ flea market in high school. They were female Cosby sweaters, but I was told to call them "unisex". There is no such thing is a unisex sweater.

I was also a foreign title book buyer for a dot com, stocked selves at a grocery store post college to pay the bills, worked at a public radio station as a data entry drone, did some freelance writing stuff that paid squat, and got a paralegal certificate. Now I am pretty much at the beck and call of lawyers: the laziest people on earth I might add. I'm just biding time until before another career discovers me. Is that obit writer position open?

Robin said...

One winter break in college (during a junior year abroad I spent in Israel) I worked in the date-processing facility of an Israeli kibbutz. I had a broken wrist and the only job they could find that I could do with a cast on was to sort rotten dates. Disgusting, vile, rotten dates. All day, every day. It took six years before I was able to even look at another date.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Wow, this was so fun to read!

I worked at KMART during a college break too. And I haven't shopped their since. :)

Anonymous said...

I tried to work at a bakery when I was young but quit on the first day because I couldn't memorize all the baked goods and their prices. Most of us have had some pretty unlikely jobs. Someone's got to do them!

Tumblewords: said...

Great, great post! I feel obligated now to make my own list and I'll not be surprised when it comes up remarkably similar to yours. But I notice you don't mention folding the town's weekly newspaper. Grinning.

Anonymous said...

Too tame, am I?

I have alway been a teacher!

I loved your list!

deedee said...

Ha! I wrote about K-Mart, too!
I'll do the list.

Jo said...

Your life seems a little like mine. I loved this post!

Jen B said...

shaking my children...umm..myself....ROFL
I don't think I could handle the phone interview thing. Curiousity is getting the better of me and I am wondering what all the terms-medical and slang-would be for EVERYTHING???
I agree, raising children is the best job!

Betty Carlson said...

A fun approach to this subject. Your list shows a lot about American job mobility!

Jennifer Hicks said...

I love how some of the best jobs require the least amount of education!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had 'variety' to show off, wow, I loved your list, I am sure the experiences you gained -good or bad- are vast and colourful. As for me, I worked in Technology(IT) most of life...quite boring copared to yours.

Joseph C. Harris said...

Great post. I have had almost as many jobs since graduating college myself. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my site.

Pen said...

You and I have much in common in the career spotlight! Only I took scores for sports and typed them into the sports column. Done my fair share of overnights. I did a lot of hotel work though. Cleaned rooms, overlooked the front desk, did the night audit. I actually loved the night audit. Free HBO, coffee, and VH1's Insomniac Theater ;o)

Great post!

Jack Greening said...

Obituary writer! I would have probably got in trouble with that one. My problem is I'm too g..dam responsible, I've had two jobs in 45 years probably because I had a father that had two jobs every 45 days. Wouldn't that be a cool prompt have everyone write their own obituary?

Jeni said...

Great and very interesting post! I'll have to remember to do a post on my prior employment opportunities. I've had a pretty mixed bag as far as this topic goes but it took being disabled, unable to deal with the grind of working because of back/legs/intestinal issues and I find myself now in the job (sort of) I always wanted in the first place - babysitting my two little grandchildren! Never had the opportunity when my own kids were growing up to stay at home with them -unless I was collecting unemployment that is. And now, I'm loving being around these two little ones, day in, day out! Best job on the block - also one of the hardest, most frustrating too at times and definitely not enough pay but the side benefits are fantastic!

Mike Minzes said...

Great post!!!

Hey, you have been tagged. Come and see

tricia stirling said...

I love this. I love the ending.
i like what you did with the prompt--it's interesting to read through the list of jobs. maybe i'll follow your lead in a future post. : )

mitzh said...

Oh wow you live such a colorful life.
Love your list!

The Owners said...

Cashier at Wal-Mart and JCPenney. Those were the worst jobs for me, hands down. I'm not a people person AT ALL.

I'm glad you like being a SAHM. I can't say that I enjoy my time at home. Again, I'm not a little people person either. I love my kids and would do just about anything for them, but I would love, love to have a nanny to help me out. Oh to have enough money that that dream could become reality.

Anonymous said...
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