Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Weekly Wonderings #33: BRUCE Edition

1. Bruce. Springsteen. Front. Row. Center. I. Can. Now. Die. Content.

2. That first Wondering? I was just going to take up all ten points and put one word in each. Yeah, I was front row center for last night's concert in Oakland. And, yeah, I've now done everything I've wanted to do with my life.

3. So, two concerts in two nights, and what was of interest? He owns so many people. It is mind-boggling.

4. The first night, the odd man next to me was trying to read by cell phone, in between bursts of fist pumped in the air and "BRUUUUUUUUCE" spilling from his lips.

5. Bruce is 58. And he gets away with writing a new song about girls in their summer clothes. Women that age wouldn't get away with writing about nice young boys. And, really, what does his teen-ager daughter think of it?

6. My husband, on the way home last night, says, "You've gone five hours without using the bathroom. I don't think I've ever known you to go that long." He's right, of course, but I likened the phenomenon to an out of body experience. I ignored all urges, except those involving worshipping and singing and dancing and, yes, fist pumping.

7. My body now officially hates me. The back has been terrible for close to a week now. X-rays on Wednesday and doctor on Friday. The doctor gave me a shot, and she told me to not aggravate it. It is now very aggravated.

8. But it is precisely because of the injection and the back pain that I ended up front row center. Walking to the ticket line, chatting with a fellow fanatic, I told him to slow down because I couldn't walk that fast. Turns out, he knows the man in charge of letting people into the pit. Unbeknownst to me, my new friend pointed me out to the man, who found me and told me he'd take care of me if I got picked to go to the pit. I did. He did. Front. Row. Center.

9. I felt quite like George Bush must feel -- if he ever feels such things -- as I was hated by thousands of people last night. Front. Row. Center.

10. He was phenomenal. He always has been. And I can now die content. [But I hope I don't die anytime soon!]


g said...

The question is: Were you close enough for his spit to have landed on you, or at least some drips of sweat, that you won't EVER be washing your clothes (or where any sort of body fluid from him landed, of course)?!

Because THAT would be heavenly.

Toni said...

Wow, what a night. Two nights, I guess.

You know what? I do kinda hate you now, too.

Linda said...

Front row center in the pit with a bad back? You are my idol!!!

Lotus (Sarcastic Mom) said...

Well! I'm glad you had such a glorious time. :-)

D... said...

Front row? Center? Wow!! How cool to be you!


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