Friday, November 30, 2007

Fly Away Home: Haiku Friday

Never have I felt
needed as when arranging
who tends to my kids.

Take three kids, four days
of school. Subtract the momma.
Village required.

It's Haiku Friday -- and the last day of NaBloPoMo -- and I'm visiting my mother, who is recovering quite nicely from surgery. But it takes seven individuals -- not counting their wonderful father -- to get them from here to there to over yonder to back there to here again.


Linda said...

Sometimes it does seem to take a village - even if it's just a small village!

Best wishes for your mother's continued recovery!

jenica said...

glad to hear that your mother is doing well. how did it go with your brother? did i miss that post?

i often wonder if anybody really needs me, couldn't everyone just cope without me? but no! without mama you do need back-up. it's kinda nice to feel needed! enjoy your trip!

Scribbit said...

I'm glad she's recovering and that all went well. Have a nice visit.

Jennifer said...

A village, indeed!

Unknown said...

Oh, childcare issues. I sympathize. I hope it all goes according to plan.


I'm glad your mom is well, too. Hope it continues till she 100%!

Great 'ku, as always!


Gina said...

Good to hear that she is doing well! When Hubba-hubba and I went for a bit of a vacay in June, it took four people to handle Mr. P.

Steph said...

I can only imagine the people and arranging that takes. I hope it goes well.

Melanie said...

Great HAIKU! Happy Friday!

Amy said...

glad your mom is doing well.

Bren said...

So glad your mom is recovering nicely and that you can be there with her!

Funny how nothing runs as smoothly as when Momma is in control.

Jeni said...

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman, Where for art thou?
Says Patois - I'm right here people, and I have to run this show all by myself!
Glad to hear your Mom's on the mend too!

Toni said...

So glad that your mother is recovering nicely; continued best wishes.

There's just a little bit of satisfaction that it takes 7 people to fill your shoes, isn't there? I know there would be with me.

Safe travels and great 'ku!


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