Thursday, November 22, 2007


The bonus Ten on Tuesday earlier this week – duh, on Tuesday – was a list of the 10 things we’re thankful for. I thought it best to do the bonus today.

1. My siblings. Much as I despised them as I was growing up – and, trust me, I did – I am grateful that I have them all. My older brother has stepped up to the plate in many ways, and that’s never been more apparent than when my mom had surgery last week.

2. My mom. I love her as much as I love as I love myself. The fact that her surgery last week went spectacularly well, that her prognosis is fabulous, and that she’s safe and sound at home fills me with so much gratitude.

3. My husband. He had me from the moment he said my name. I know he is as thankful for me as I am for him.

4. My kids. They are often annoying creeps, but they are my annoying creeps. And any attempts at articulating the love I have for them always fall flat. So I will just say I am beyond grateful that I have been blessed with these three annoying creeps.

5. My ability to not work for a living. I did it. I loved it. I thrived. I was great. But I have never regretted a moment of leaving it all behind to be there for the mundane existence I now have.

6. My life. There have been so many close calls that I know about and closer calls that I don’t, yet here I am, aging. I might not be aging gracefully, but I am aging. I didn’t drown when I was 9, cause multiple deaths when I was a teenager, or crash when that plane was surely going down in ’92. I’m here, wrinkles and all.

7. My husband being British. Were he not, I would not be enjoying pounds and pounds of the good stuff. (Chocolate, I mean!)

8. Bruce Springsteen. He touches me deep within my being. And he’s coming back to the area in April. Woo-hoo!

9. My F&B friends. I can count the number on one hand, but I would be much worse off without them in my lives. Truly.

10. An outlet. This blog keeps me thinking, creating, interacting, involved. What’s not to be thankful for?

What is the common element of all of these? God. It is He who has given me all of this.


D... said...

Your last sentence says it all. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Gill said...

What a truly marvellous, positive post!

BTW I am greatly encouraged to know that siblings who don't get along as youngsters can grow to love one another - that gives me a whole lot of hope for my daughters ;-)

Florinda said...

What a great list, especially your wrap-up. Happy Thanksgiving!

josie2shoes said...

Beautiful post, Patty! When we stop to count our blessing we realize just how good our lives really are.

Jeni said...

Great, as always. I loved the one about the kids -especially not being able to express your feelings there adequately. Although I think you usually find some of the best expressions when describing feelings, maybe it is the connection we have with those beings from minute one. I dunno, but I know what I feel about mine, my grandchildren too, but rarely can I put that into words as there don't seem to be any that go quite that deep. But, others put those words out and I say "oh, yeah! That's it!" Maybe it's like the guy (a judge I think) said about porn -"I know it when I see it."

Your bottom line though does say it all, that I too believe!

Bren said...

A truly heartfelt list! Love the line about loving your mom as much as you love yourself. Ditto.

Amy said...

love how you summed it all up and tied it all together. said...

What a touching post, Patois, I loved it. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Bea said...

Have you told the story of that plane that almost went down? (Or is that one of the close calls you don't know about?)

Kelly O said...

Aw, this was quite lovely.

Gina said...

Lovely, and hear hear on number five!

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

lots of things to be thankful for - brilliantly spoken.

I still don't get on well with my sister but she is okay LOL

I love the truthfulness about children LOL.


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