Friday, November 23, 2007

In my day, we had
two days off for Thanksgiving.
Kids here get one week.

In two days of break
relatives and visitors
were glad to see you.

In one week of break
they might still be, but parents?
Um, er, not so much.

Forget the wishbone,
you children have already
broken my spirit.

It’s Haiku Friday, and I jest, of course, to some degree. But only about relatives and visitors still being happy to see the offspring. Not really. We had no relatives this year.


Anonymous said...

Do kids get much more time off these days or what? Of course they start way earlier, but still.

the planet of janet said...

we got a week off this year for the first time. what is that about??? i dont get it.

Anonymous said...

I gave my kids 3 days off this week! :) I am in charge, though! LOL

Unknown said...

I've been wondering why they are doing that. I agree it is a much different holiday with all the extra time.

Bren said...

I think we got a week as kids. I was surprised when I started teaching here and they only got 3 days.

Toni said...

We still get 3 days off this week and 1 off next for deer season! Can you believe it?? They close all the schools in my area for the first day of deer hunting season!

Steph said...

Liv got 3 days this week, but they had a week long "fall break" at the beginning of the month.

Anonymous said...

when i was in school we didn't start until after labor day and were out before memorial day. my kids seem to get less breaks than we did - 2 at thanksgiving, 1.5 weeks at christmas and 1 week in spring, that's all, and they start mid august and finish mid june. i feel bad for them.

Maria said...

My sister and her family just left and hour ago and I feel already as if I am FREE.

I would love so much to spend the holiday with my friends (who are my real family, in my opinion) than with my family. many hurt feelings to be considered, etc.

I'm always more than ready to wave goodbye.

Mike Minzes said...

Happy Haiku Friday! Love the Haiku!

Jeni said...

Kids here still get the same number of days off for Thanksgiving as I got when I was in school - way, way back when! Off Thanksgiving and "Black" Friday and then the Monday and Tuesday after Thanksgiving for the first two days of the Pennsylvania National Holiday - Deer Season! Hey, it's tradition!

Gina said...

Mine got a week off as well, what's up with that?

Even at Catholic school, we didn't get a week off, for sure. Well, I don't know why I typed that, since it isn't a "Catholic" holiday, but you knew what I meant.


D... said...

If it weren't my vacation time as well, I'd agree with you. ;)

I too remember only getting 2 days off for Thanksgiving. But, I'm loving the whole week off now!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Yep, great ku and I agree - it is such a different holidaze with all the time.


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