Thursday, November 8, 2007

This, That and the Other

We know I’m anal obsessive, right? That’s been well documented on this here blog. One way you can tell is that I have a pretty set schedule in when I write and what I write about. I absolutely must write my Weekly Wonderings on Saturdays, participate in Sunday Scribblings, do my Jump One, Jump Twosdays and 10 on Tuesday (on Tuesdays, duh), find a good Wordless Wednesday, and make sure I post my One Breath Poetry on Thursday and take part in Haiku Friday.

Dang. I never realized how bad it was. No wonder I do multiple posts on some days. Anyway, my OCD apparently does not come into play in forcing me to rapidly post awards and do memes and the like. So I end up looking standoffish or unappreciative or “man-what-a-bitch” like.

So, here’s the second post of the day to gratefully acknowledge some awards recently bestowed upon me.

First, from Blog Author Ann Clemmons at
A Nice Place in the Sun, two really cool awards. The first, the Mariuca Super Star Award, sounds really cool. Ann talks about it in her post here.

The second award from Ann is totally nifty. It’s the Bloggers With Integrity Award. She gave it to me for creativity. [Do you think she’ll try to take it back now?]
Here’s her post on that one.

Gill at
Gill’s Jottings recently gave me another treat, passing it out to me as a new visitor to her blog. Walks Far Woman at Kissing the Dogwood bestowed one upon me as well.

Works for Mom at
What Works for Us gave me the Blogger Reflection Award. She even called me the “real deal.” You can read her post here. I love the idea of this one. I am touched. [Not that kind of touched. Emotionally touched.]

And not to be snarky in the face of kindness, but what could Jenn of Something
to Say About Life in the Netherlands possibly have been thinking when she gave me a Nice Matters Award? Come on. We all know “nice” does not make the top 10 list of descriptive words for me. Hell, it wouldn’t make the top 25.

But I am nice enough to make sure I thank all of you for these. I really am grateful. My sidebar was looking a little flat. [I’m joking.]


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

If your OCD gets your THAT many awards, it's working for you! :)

Linda said...

I find sometimes that it's hard to keep track of awards that have been given, especially when you do have a set schedule for your blog. I'm sure that there are ones that I have inadvertently forgotten somewhere but it has never been on purpose.

You're obviously doing something right to have such a lovely collection of awards!

Gina said...

Yay for you!

D... said...

You rock!

Jenn in Holland said...

You are nice and funny! AND you are always nice to me. Personally, I like your snarkiness in the face of kindness, I think it is totally fitting. Makes you totally real, and that my dear, is NICE.

Congrats on all the others!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you really raked them in there, didn't you. And don't be daft, of course you're nice. Because if you weren't, you'd have punched that neighbor of yours who commented on your behemoth.


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