Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Weekly Wonderings 37: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Or it’s called something like that. I’m supposed to do seven weird, random things about me. But I saw someone else’s response to this tag, and I liked what she did. Having talked incessantly about myself – and, hey, it’s all weird and random here – I thought I’d give you the random lowdown on my husband. And, since I always do 10 items for my Weekly Wonderings, I’m going to 10 random things instead of 7. ‘Cause if I’m going to tick him off for telling his secrets, I might as well go all the way.

Thanks to Amy at
Every Day with the Kellys and Transplanting Me for the tags on this.

1. He had angioplasty when our oldest kids were pretty darn young. And then he had another one. And then he had another one after the second one failed.

2. He once won a car for some period of time based on writing an advertising jingle. What’s amazing in particular about this is that he has even fewer creative bones in his body than I do.

3. And as a CFO, it’s all about not being creative, at least about reporting numbers, isn’t it?

4. He has lived in as many countries as I have lived in states. My states: Nebraska, Massachusetts, Virginia, Hawaii, New Jersey and California. His countries: England, Holland, China, Hong Kong (before being handed back over to China), Malaysia, United States.

5. While in China, he attended many a banquet where he was the guest of honor. The reason for this? He was the only non-Chinese around to honor.

6. His father died the day John Lennon was killed.

7. Every year, he hangs upside down from the roof to hang the Christmas lights.

8. Every year, he hangs upside down from the roof to take down the Christmas lights.

9. He is a way better cook than I am.

10. While his ironing skills are unmatched by anyone else in the household, his laundry skills bite.

Now, regarding tagging anyone? Yeah, not going to happen. As I’ve repeatedly said, it’s my goal to single-handedly cause the blogosphere to implode. I like doing memes. I just don’t like the chain letter part of them.


Anonymous said...

interesting? maybe i'll try that about my husband too. though, he might have the big one over it. just kidding. wow! i am impressed over his list of countries as well as your list of states. i guess i haven't gone to far (north east & europe once!)

thanks for sharing and i am with you about the chain part of it. i get so many chain emails and delete them it's no wonder something hasn't happened to me yet! ha ha ha

Unknown said...

Upside down to hang the lights? I can't even get my hubs to do it right-side up. I am taking notes. :-)

Linda said...

Okay so you do the washing and drying and he can do the ironing - sounds fair, right??

I don't have a husband to do seven things about unless I was do a post on seven things that irritated the hell out of me about my ex-husband (hmmm ...) but I did get tagged for this by another blogger so shall have to think of a creative way to do it myself!

Lotus (Sarcastic Mom) said...

I love this idea! Very nice job.

#'s 7&8 had me cackling with the visual.

I've definitely never heard of anyone doing that before!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting...!

Jeni said...

Pretty neat collection of confessions you got going there on the other half. I loved the one about the guest of honor though - because he was the only "non-Chinese" there.

D... said...

Very interesting! I hope his heart is doing fine now!

I agree with you about memes. I love to do them, but I hate to pass them on.

Gina said...

I like this, and I never tag anyone. Ever.

Beck said...

My husband is NOT allowed to hang upside-down for any reason - our insurance is NOT good enough.


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