Monday, December 10, 2007

Annoying Advice: Poetry Prompt

Spare Me the Needles
"What about Botox to help with those lines?
Or a nip or tuck to make you look fine?
There's nothing to fear.
You'd look so much dear."
But then my face wouldn't really be mine.

[Mad Kane has started a new poetry prompt. I've not ever written a limerick. Until five minutes ago. I'm thinking I could get into this. Not only should you check the others out, but you should try your hand at it as well.]

[Photo courtesy]


lissa 07 said...

That's not a bad limerick. Your attempt is better than mine.

Still I think I might try this again.

Mad Kane said...

I'm so glad you joined in and tried my prompt. That's one of the better first limericks I've seen. It wouldn't take a lot of tweaking to get the meter perfect. Let me know if you'd like some suggestions. Mad Kane

Sian said...

Thanks for the link, I don't do limericks as a rule, but it was fun having a bash.
And I think your first ever limerick was just fab :)

Andy Sewina said...

That was funny! and the picture - I could almost feel her flinch!

Maria said...

I watched a botox session on some channel a few nights ago and it gave me the true creeps.

I won't even wear contacts, have worn glasses since I was four. Like I would let anyone stick things in my FACE??? I don't think so...

Anonymous said...

What a fine piece of first limerick, really enjoyed it. Thank you...and really enjoyed your take. Thanks.


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