Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Weekly Wonderings #42

1. In college, many of my friends and I became enthralled with the number "42" and were surprised how often it came up. Many, many years later, I still stop and notice the number.

2. One of the Eldest's friends was over a bit during the week. When his mother was offering to take him back, I told her I loved having him because he was the nicest to Youngest. She noted that her son had always wanted a younger brother.

3. When I mentioned to the friend what his mother said, encouraging him and Eldest to play war with the Youngest, the friend said, "I meant I'd always wanted a twin."

4. As the two boys were playing war in a particularly wooded park, a mother with two little kids, including a boy in diapers, was clearly disgusted. "Those boys are playing with guns. I hope they're toy ones."

5. Apparently the garish orange on the barrels led her to believe the guns were something else. I said to a friend I'd met at the park, "I hope I come across her and her precious boy in another eight years or so." Or maybe she'll not allow the kid to play with sticks held as guns.

6. Each Christmas day, our church has a pajama mass at 10 a.m., and everyone is encouraged to bring their favorite toys. The Daughter brought her Shining Star owl and a Pokemon DVD. The boys both brought their machine guns. Yeah, Santa has an NRA bumper sticker on the sleigh.

7. Perhaps I should not have allowed the boys to bring guns to church. However, since the priest brought his favorite gift of a scene from Star Wars when Darth Vader holds court over a "non-believer," I guess I'm safe.

8. Safely back in our own home, Christmas was quiet. Pete made a delicious meal of Cornish game hens, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and the like. The two youngest had cereal. At least they ate.

9. The Youngest has been relentless to get the others to play with him. He frequently offers them $5. I don't let him give it to them. I force them to play with him out of the kindness of their hearts...and the threat of my wrath if they don't.

10. I pocket the $5 myself.


D... said...

I loved this week's weekly wonderings! From the number 42 (mine is the #15), to the twin comment, to the hope that the boys had TOY guns, pocketing the $5 (I would so do that too, hee), & everything in between, I was entertained. Sounds like a great week for the Patois family. :)

Amy said...

this is great!!! speaking of toy guns. i have been getting shot all week!!!

Bren said...

Hee! I love the thought of Santa with the NRA sticker on his sleigh!

The Owners said...

Thanks for the laugh. I definitely needed it today. Counting down the hours until my kids are back in school and my husband is back at work.

I am so glad that I didn't have a younger sibling. No one would have survived.

Thank God for yogurt and cereal or my youngest would have starved to death a long time ago.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis) said...

Had to snort at #4 - did you feel like saying, "Gosh, no - they're real guns! I picked my least favorite kid and took all the bullets out of his..."

Happy New Year, Patois - keep those great Weekly Wonderings coming in 2008!

jenica said...

love it. i can't stop giggling at the idea of a toy/pajama mass. ;-D i would totally take my little ponies.

Anonymous said...

every young boy should have their own shiny toy gun. LOVED your WW!!

Toni said...

I think it is awesome that you have a pajama mass on Christmas Day! That is so wonderful and really made for families. That is the best idea I've heard in the longest time!

Santa with an NRA bumper sticker on the sleigh is a hoot! Thanks for the amusing thought!

Jeni said...

Guns, church, the NRA bumper sticker and pocketing the $5 yourself - loved these especially but as always, they were all good ones.

Anonymous said...

Poor youngest, hope eldest changes his mind about him soon. LOL on the money


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