Wednesday, January 16, 2008

But Who Most Needs a Massage: Wordy Wednesday #3

Welcome to another edition of me babbling on and on and on about a photo or photos. Freedom!

Hanging out at the mall with a friend and her children on Sunday for a couple of hours, we did all the must-dos: Build-a-Bear Workshop, McDonald's, the carousel (!), the play area and the massaging chairs. Here's Daughter in it:

Ahhhh, the Joys of a Massaging Chair
But, wait, what does that sign say?

An Odd Warning to Menstruating Women
It's a back massaging chair, okay, so I get a warning to pregnant women. But menstruating women shouldn't go on? Excuse me, and that would be because you're worried about what, exactly? Leakage?
Definitely a blogger's photo op. Maybe Kodak should start putting signs up for real-life photo ops like these.

How Will it End?

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