Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Haiku: Childhood Story

I saw the prompt at One Deep Breath this week, and several haibun sprang to mind. Here's one I finally settled on.

Second grade hotshot
showing off her monkey bar
prowess to others.

“This is so easy,”
she laughed as she swung her arms.
“You’re just too little.”

Misplaced hand held air.
Twisted arm beneath her body
on hard graveled ground.

Howls and tears of pain
came quickly and rarely eased
for many hours.

Emergency room
on base filled with tragedies
out-trumping her own.

Eight long hours passed
with only some aspirin
and mom’s sympathy.

Poorly trained doctors
took three tries to make it right.
Big white plaster cast.

Shattered my elbow,
broke my wrist and hurt my pride.
Dangerous playground.


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