Friday, January 11, 2008

I Hate Nick Commercials

Kill Your Television
A more apt title for this post is "Further Evidence my Children Watch Too Much Television." I shouldn't begrudge Nickelodeon -- or is it Cartoon Network -- for the infomercial-like, as-seen-on-TV ads they run on various products. You can tell that Christmas has passed as the kids no longer clamor for toys and such that they saw while watching inane shows. No, it's worse than that.

Youngest and I are in the grocery store earlier this week. We need to get onions, peppers, grapes and bananas. Weak, lazy mother that I am, I always let him pick out the produce because it is easier than tamping down his spark of helpfulness. The fact that I get crappy produce is not the store's fault. It is his mine.

I say, "Some of those bananas don't look very ripe. Try to pick some that are mostly yellow with just a little green."

He pipes in with, "Oh, you need the Green Bags. They'll keep the food fresher."

This, from a boy who would rather die, or force himself to puke, rather than have a fruit or vegetable, fresh or otherwise.

Two days ago, I was doing my part to hasten global warming. I was getting firewood delivered. Youngest was going to help stack it, so off to the local hardware store we went to buy him some work gloves. Immediately upon walking in the store, he demands we purchase something else.

"Wait! We've got to get Mighty Putty. We really need it."

I know, I know, it's my fault. I want time to myself at home. There is no easier way to shed his need to be right next to me or to be bugging his sister to play with him or to be just generally driving me batty than to let him watch TV. Bad mother! Bad mother!

But have you seen the advertisement for Mighty Putty? It does look might intriguing, especially when you have kids who tack up endless pieces of "art" all over the house.


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