Monday, January 21, 2008

A Laser Lighting My Sneakiness

The Lost Boys
It was the final performance of “Peter Pan” last night. The Broadway Bound Kids, which Daughter took part in for the first time this last season, had done a grueling three-day schedule of performances: Friday, two matinees and an evening performance; Saturday, one matinee and an evening performance; and Sunday, one matinee and a late afternoon performance.

Daughter was a “lead” Lost Boy for the first and last shows. That means she was onstage a lot those two shows and had a dozen speaking lines. The other shows, she was a background Lost Boy, out for the big song numbers.

She truly did well and enjoyed herself immensely, thanks for asking.

Her BFF Z.’s extended family came to the last show. Z. and her sister H. were Indian/Lost Boy and Animal/Lost Boy, respectively. Their 13-year-old cousin, a boy, was there to see the show. Her family and I were hanging out in the lobby before the show. The cousin showed me his laser, proud that he’d had the foresight to replace the batteries. He shone it on the lobby wall.

I said, “Hey, see if you can shine it on J.’s forehead.”

He did it, and all hell broke loose among his family, appalled that he had the gall to bring a laser and to potentially blind J. [That was my fault. I should have told him to shine it on her chest. I neglected to factor in the bad aim of an adolescent boy and his toy. Sorry, J.] He grumbled, but he turned over the laser.

He said it was all my fault. I murmured that I was sorry.

I wasn’t, of course. You see, I had suggested he use the laser on them because I knew what would happen. Specifically, I’d have one less kid with a laser to worry about.

Crafty bitch, eh?


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