Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Should I Be Worried?: Wordy Wednesday #4

Daughter is about the sweetest girl you'd ever find. The only times her sweetness is not evident is when she is dealing with, in her words, her "arch nemesis." That would be Youngest.

On the whole, though, Daughter is a jewel. She is adorably cute. She is very loving. She can play by herself for hours on end. She is kind. She adores nearly everyone she comes in contact with. She is obedient. In short, she's ideal.

Is there a darker side to her, though? I wondered that yesterday when I came into her room to see this:

Execution Dolls

Does it not look like those dolls have been lined up execution-style? Should I be worried?

[Edited to add: Clearly, I've lost my mind with all of the goings-on at our house. I thought today was Wednesday. I'm rather saddened to realize it is not. I'm losing my mind. Send help. Or at least British chocolate.]


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