Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #44

1. Memo to self: don’t let Youngest feed the dog or cat anymore. He decided to double-up on their dinners the other night.

2. How many people in this day and age don’t know how to not “reply to all” to e-mails? It’s been my experience that there are clearly quite a few.

3. Daughter, “Mom, I smell something really bad down here, by the closet. It smells like barf.” “Thanks, girl, that’s the dinner I’m making.”

4. Rain or shine, I take the mutton head down to the field to run. I do this twice a day. Following the horrific storms and then days of rain upon rain, the field is a mucky, puddle-ridden, muddy swamp. She doesn’t care. So now she’s basically a mud dog.

5. And my entry hall, not particularly beautiful to begin with? It’s now a mud room.

6. I always wanted a mud room. I just didn’t want it to be the first thing anyone sees coming in the house.

7. Eldest had to go to the ER on Sunday as his face was covered with poison oak. Well, not poison oak per se, but the rash he got from having come in contact with poison oak. A fun couple of hours, that, hanging in the ER. We brought our own entertainment of course. Youngest came with us.

8. Do you know one of the side effects of steroids? Besides a big head a la Barry Bonds, I mean? Sleeplessness. An 11-year-old boy unable to sleep is not like a 46-year-old woman unable to sleep. The woman lets the rest of the household sleep in peace. The boy makes the woman keep him amused.

9. To my husband, who said poison oak isn’t around this time of year, I say only, “Honey, I’m the one who’s always right.”

10. Word count this week on the book: 6,383.


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