Friday, February 1, 2008

Entering a New Dimension

The phone rang yesterday. [Stop the presses! The phone rang! Just wait, it gets more interesting than that.] When I answered, the caller said, "Hi, it's Jolene." Yes, that Jolene, from The Middling Monettes. She had called because she wanted to offer words of comfort and share in my fantasies of revenge.

And I thought to myself -- and I may have even said to her -- "How cool is that? That this virtual friend would reach out and enter a new dimension?" She and I had exchanged addresses to send each other the obligatory Christmas cards. Much to my husband's chagrin, I had outed myself to this complete and utter stranger.

But she's not a stranger. She's a fellow blogger. More than that, though, she's become a virtual friend. And, after yesterday, she became a flesh and blood friend. [An F&B friend, in my own nomenclature.] She reached out across the thousands of physical miles which separate us to tell me she's thinking of me, to tell me she's so sorry about it, to tell me she'd also like to help me kick some ass.

Could she have said all that in an email? Sure. And I would have appreciated it a hell of a lot. But this entering of a new dimension to say it to me, to commiserate with me in real time? Priceless.


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