Friday, February 8, 2008

Only Ewe

[My oldest brother was stationed in Turkey in the mid-1980s. At my Dad's house for Christmas one year, he noted the severe lack of available women in the area. Telling a rare "dirty" joke near my father, my brother said there were plenty of sheep, and then he broke into song, "Only Ewe." Get it? I nearly spit up whatever I was drinking at the time. My father was appalled, appalled.]

Got nothing else to do today but check your reflexes? Then might I suggest you click here and see how old and slow you really are. Check it out. I bet you'll be telling others about it in no time. For the record, the best I could do was "Bobbing Bobcat."

Now, enjoy your Friday.


I mentioned to Eldest the other night that I had a fairly wide open day Friday. Writer that he is, he wondered if I would perhaps like a wri...