Friday, February 29, 2008

Reaching The Peanut Butter

Skippy Peanut Butter
Random requests from the children as we enter the final days before Pete's bypass on Monday:

-- From Eldest, "Guess what comes out on X-box on Tuesday? 'Bully.' Can I get it the first day?"

-- From Daughter, "Can I have a play date with Mason on Saturday?"

-- From Youngest, "But I don't want to go with them on Wednesday. Can't I go with J.?"

* * *
Awhile back, probably in the midst of a neck flare-up, I was talking to another parent at school about the selfishness self-centeredness "world revolves only around me" attitude insensitivity inability kids have to grasp when their parent needs to be cut some slack.

She said, "Oh, I don't have to worry if I drop dead of a stroke in the kitchen. My kids will be able to reach the peanut butter. They'll step on my body."

* * *

As I was relating this conversation to Pete at dinner last night, Eldest says, "I can already reach the peanut butter. I don't get it."

No, honey, you don't.


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