Monday, February 18, 2008

Sucker Month

They call them "sucker babies." That's the term people use when referring to a "perfect" baby, typically a first-born child, who sleeps through the night almost from the start, who rarely cries and who seems always content. The parents of said baby are amazed at the wonder before them and they make the assumption that all babies are so darn easy.

Why "sucker" baby? Because he is so easy, his parents wind up having another child, safe in the knowledge that the second baby will be a snap to care for. When that next baby comes, he is the antithesis of all that his brother is. He cries all the time, he clings, he throws up constantly, and so on. His parents were lulled into a false sense of their own parenting abilities. LOUD BUZZER!

It is mid-February here in Florida. It is the sucker month for the uninitiated. At the Kennedy Space Center yesterday, it was about 75, 80 degrees. There was a beautiful breeze. There was little humidity. Although it's a three-day weekend, the place was not crowded. The sky was a gorgeous blue, with big white billowing clouds shaped like unicorns, butterflies and rainbows. The sun felt gloriously perfectly warm on our skin. In short, it was an Eden-like day in the Florida paradise.

LOUD BUZZER! Tourists, do not get the idea that this is what Florida is. This is sucker month in this state. It is at this time of year that the time shares do their best business. It is at this time of year that the unfamiliar think, "I could really live here." It is at this time that those freezing in Detroit or Boston or D.C. make the hasty decision to pack up their things in U-Hauls in the dirty slush and unpack in the palm tree paradise.

It's sucker month, people. Don't do it.


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