Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #46

Across the Universe
1. More evidence Youngest watches too much TV – and eats too much sugary cereal – he hid a treat at the bottom of the dog’s dinner bowl, putting her food on top. “Corrie, there’s a surprise in the bottom of this box.”

2. Do I find it ironic that I am so pissed about the dog sitter having a party with a bunch of underage drinking and drugs being consumed? Even my mother says I didn’t do the same things – hold a party at a stranger’s house or go to a party at a stranger’s house or steal money and electronics. Yeah, even as a kid, I had some moral compass.

3. Pete has been called in to perform moth-ectomies lately. So many moths in the house. Why is that? The dumb-ass party thrower kept the door to the deck open so much – to allow for better dope smoking, I’m sure – that we’ve been overcome with moths.

4. Don’t worry, no moths are harmed in the performing of the moth-ectomies.

5. Can I add this to the list of things for which I blame her? Dirty carpets. I guess I’ll have to blame that on the dog.

6. The cop who interviewed me told me that he and his fellow cops call our town “Wild Kingdom” because the kids just run free. It occurred to me that this young cop has no clue what
Wild Kingdom was. And he probably couldn’t pick Marlin Perkins out of a line-up.

7. I felt really good about the cop, positive he’d find out some information. I did, that is, until he gave me his business card. He’s a traffic cop.

8. From the mouth of Youngest, “My Mom is a good server. She gets us whatever we want.” This to a friend who was over for a play date.

9. As Pete and I were eating dinner last night, Youngest was, as always, chattering away about this and that. Pete started telling him how
NASA is going to beam the Beatles’ song “Across the Universe” to a star it believes might have planets with life on it. Telling Youngest that he’d be 33 when the song finally reached the destination, I said I’d likely be dead by then. Tears sprung to my eyes.

10. Youngest said he’d write me a letter on the day it reached the star and send it to heaven.


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