Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wordy Wednesday #5

Awhile back, the two youngest and I went to the Oakland Zoo with our most excellent friends, J. and her daughters Z. and H. [The abbreviating of Z.'s name to Z. makes me laugh. How many girls have names beginning with Z.? I mean, come on, you know her name must be Zafina.]

Anyway, Daughter was first up conquering the lion. Timing wise, this was just after poor Tatiana broke out of her cell and killed one boy and mauled two others at the San Francisco Zoo. Doesn't she look like the conqueror, what with her stuffed Ugly Doll?

Pretty Girl and Ugly Doll
Then it was Youngest's turn. Also quite proud of himself. Note Z.'s arm being eaten off?

Flesh-eating Cat
Finally, the hammiest of the four hambones, H. gets aboard. Is that face not spectacular?

Miss H.'s Wild Ride
Kids. You gotta love 'em. [Unless, of course, you hate them. If that's true, why the hell would you be reading this blog?]


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