Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wordy Wednesday #7

Damn, Are They Still on Earth?
When my kids think of their cousins, they inevitably think of the British contingent: Amanda and Tina, the two daughters of Pete's sister Christine; and Kieran, Nathan and Christopher, the three sons of Pete's sister Michelle. Why is this? Because they've never met the very adult children of my brother Norm, and they'd only met my brother Steve's daughter Charlotte once.

But Charlotte is now officially on the top-of-mind responses to the question of "Name Your Cousins." My mom, my brother, my three kids and their cousin Charlotte and I spent Sunday at the Kennedy Space Center and Monday at Sea World. Ask them what their favorite thing at the Space Center was, and they'll likely all tell you it was the fountain of water they played in. What thrilled them the most at Sea World? The squirrel, dubbed Mr. Squirrel by the girls, whom we fed our crust from the sandwiches.

The Space Center was $28/head for the kids and Sea World was $58/head for the kids. But they'll remember a water fountain and a squirrel. Damn, I could have just taken them to our local park at home and saved the money for college.


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