Friday, March 7, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears. Oh, My!

I checked out Snopes, and couldn't find anything on this. I'm really going to take this at face value. I am, at my core, a skeptic. For some reason, though, I'm believing this.

This was forwarded by my sister to me. The text was as follows:

This woman finds a lion. Yes, that’s right, a lion. The lion is sick and malnourished. She spends the next few years nursing it back to health. Once healthy, she calls the local zoo and says, “Hey, I have a lion here that I found sick and nursed back to health. Do you have space for it?” Sure enough the zoo shows up and gets the lion. They get it accustomed to his new home and when he is settled in, the lady comes for a visit.

Now, watch the video here.

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