Thursday, March 6, 2008

Reply to All

Dough Head
I'm always sometimes rarely amazed at the stupidity of people. You know the ones, right? An email is sent out to a bunch of, say, parents at your kids' school, asking who can volunteer for what shift at whatever PC event is going to happen. [Sorry, editorializing. I need to get a grip on that.]

One at a time, dough-heads reply to everyone saying which shift they can do or why they can't do any. Even after the sender of the email takes the time to send another email asking people to just send responses only to her, one or two people still reply to all. I just laugh, and make disparaging remarks to others about them. "Takes direction well." Oh, I'm a card all right.

Speaking of cards, Jenica at The One Little One sent an email greeting to Pete and me, wishing us well. At Christmas time, she and I exchanged addresses so we could send each other real Christmas cards. Pete was none too thrilled by that. In his best Mancurian accent, he expressed concern that I don't really know her, and what's to say she's not a crazy out to find us.

[When he finally gets out of the hospital and catches up on the blog, he will once again comment to me about this because, well, that's what he does.]

Back to the email best wishes card. I forwarded it to Pete's email account, saying something along the lines of, "This is from the woman I exchanged addresses with. I know that bugs you, but I just wanted to show you how sweet she is. She's this lovely Mormon, about 28 years old, with four little kids." I'm sure I said a little bit more, but that's the gist of it.

Guess what? It copied Jenica! She sent me a note -- which I won't copy here 'cause, you know, privacy and all -- saying she was surprised that she got a copy of what I'd forwarded to Pete. She also said she was quite touched by my comments about her. Damn good thing I didn't call her something horrid, eh?

Laugh, people, it's my first reply-to-all faux pas. [Because blogging to everyone doesn't count, right?]


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