Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #52

1. Youngest to Pete, “Did they cut you all the way from here (throat) to your belly button? ‘Cause if they did, you’d have a blood fountain.”

2. Lack of sleep + congestion + horrid cough + cold medicine + cough medicine = insomnia. Really. Look it up. It’s a true mathematical equation.

3. A dumb-ass came dangerously close to clipping our car on the way to Pete’s doctor appointment Friday afternoon. Passing us, he started tailgating close to the car in front of us. Pete said I could have just tapped on the brakes slightly when he was behind us and messed up the front of his car by having him hit our tow bar. I said, “He’s driving a PT Cruiser. His front end is already screwed up.”

4. My apologies to all you PT Cruiser drivers. You know what they’re viewed as in England? Chick cars.

5. At the appointment with the cardiologist, he mentioned to Pete that he’d forever hear his heart pounding more loudly when lying on his left side. I volunteered that I had finally gotten some good news: I’d score the good side of the bed forevermore.

6. Why do I love this doctor? He asked if there was anything else he could do for me.

7. I used to be more interested in what my Stat Counter had to say about where people came from and the pages they visited. Since the beginning of the year? Not so much. But I looked at it last night, and I’m wondering why someone from Halliburton is searching for Patti Scialfa pictures.

8. And, while I’m looking at Stat Counter, I take a gander at the keyword analysis. My favorite keyword search? “BBC unusual racehorse names.”

9. Seeing Eldest grimace at the sight of a couple kissing in a movie, I said, “Isn’t 11 old enough to start liking kissing?” “I’m going to wait another year,” he said.

10. Sounds good to me.


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