Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #53

This Sucks
1. To daughter, “Be nice to your brother.” Daughter, “What will I get if I play with him?” “Fish food so your fish doesn’t starve to death.”

2. Little is more amusing to me than to have a woman who consistently illegally parks at school drop-off and pick-up complain about the man in front of her who has illegally parked.

3. Sitting in a chair waiting to pick up a prescription at the drug store, what do you not want to hear said by the pharmacist to the man sitting beside you? “We’re out of that cream, but there’s another cream on the market that we can see if your doctor can prescribe.”

4. Is it any wonder I now have a triple cold sore brewing on my lip, given the places I’ve been hanging out the last few weeks?

5. And just for kicks, how about I go out and clean up some more in the yard, taking every precaution known to mankind – save for hiring someone else to do it – and get another batch of poison oak?

6. Them shingles are just waiting to come out.

7. The latest word to be continually flung by Youngest is “sucks.” As in, to me, “You suck.” Every time he flings that at one of us, he gets 10 minutes of quality time in his room. At the rate he’s going, he’ll be spending upwards of two hours a day in his room.

8. That’s two hours of prime peace time for me.

9. I’ve been waiting a long time for my share of the settlement from the Rose Ardoin, et al. vs. American Express Company, et al. to come through.

10. With my $2.39 share, I’m going to go buy two Super Big Gulps of Diet Coke at 7-11.

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