Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wordy Wednesday #11: Who Will Take Care of Me?

Who Will Take Care of Me?
The lad's question to me when we were talking about Joanne and her family leaving today for New Zealand. What if I have a meeting I have to go to? What if I have a dentist appointment? What if I need to help Dad? Who is going to take care of Youngest in those situations?

Because there's only one woman he will go with. There is only one woman whom he trusts to show him a good time and to love him in the absence of me.

They are leaving today. The girls stayed over last night, their last night in America. We all stayed up late, watching a simply horrible Pokemon movie. I kissed the girls good night last night and told them I loved them. And, really, I must because why else would I watch more than a nanosecond of that movie?

Frankly, the hell with Youngest. Who will take care of me?


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