Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wordy Wednesday #9

I hope you're not looking at the last picture while you're eating breakfast or drinking coffee. It might cause you to spit it out over your monitor.

Many months ago, Daughter and I were in a "fashion show" put on in front of historians from the Girl Scouts. I talked about it at the time here.

I'm horrified to realize they took pictures of us. Daughter looks fabulous. I really do love her in this bloomer outfit from the 1930s.
1930s Fashionista

She was substantially more thrilled that she got to show off this camp outfit from the 1980s.
Camping Fashionista

Me? Well, none of it is my style. Certainly not the outfit. Definitely not the fashion show. With these legs you can see why I've focused on my upper body and face instead. [That is a joke, kids, as I really don't focus on anything except my keen sense of humor.]
And You Call That Modeling?
I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Would I have rather posted the picture of Pete's heart that the cardiologist drew? Yeah, but he's getting out of the hospital on Friday, and he'll probably check to make sure I didn't. [Don't think it didn't occur to me to post it for a few days and then delete it before he had a chance to see the blog. Thankfully, albeit surprisingly, the ICU and cardiac rooms don't have wi-fi. Yet.]


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