Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Pony Boy!

In the throes of yet another bout with poison oak, this time as it threatens to close one of my eyes, I thought I could write Youngest's birthday tribute by likening him to poison oak.

For example, poison oak is insidious.
It is near-indestructible.
It is a horrible irritant.
It is everywhere I turn around.
It latches itself to everything I touch.
It drives me nearly insane.

Youngest is all of those things.

* * * *

How's that for brutal honesty about my own flesh and blood? Doesn't that just make you tear up? Not unlike my poison-oak-threatened eye sheds tears, eh?

Are you ready for some more brutal honesty about this lad o' mine? I can't believe it, but there is almost nothing about him that I would change. In fact, I can think of only one way to improve him: to have him leave poor Daughter alone. Other than how he interacts with her, there's nothing wrong with him.

* * * *

He is brilliant.
He is musically talented.
He is articulate.
He is an excellent conversationalist.
He thrives at his school work.
He wants to learn anything and everything.
He has an insatiable curiosity.
He is driven.
He is committed to any challenge.
He can stand his own against any other.
He is often woefully sad at the prospect of leaving my side to enter his classroom, but he goes to it and succeeds in it everyday.
He is helpful to me, to his dad, to his teachers.
He wants to save $1,000 and give it all to poor people.
He buys his brother and his sister presents because he can.
He loves God and Jesus, and he prays that they are enjoying themselves in heaven.
He goes on my twice-daily walks with the dog so we can chat.
He dresses in costumes to embody whomever he feels like portraying.
He notices minutiae and points it out to others so they can see his world.
He is a fierce competitor but has learned to lose with (mostly) grace.

* * * *

Happy 6th Birthday, my boy. I will forever cherish the times we have together. And I will forever miss having you, who you are today, with me.
Happy 6th Birthday
* * * *
[Here's last year's birthday post about him. Read it if you're in the mood.]

[What's with the title? Springsteen, natch.]


The Owners said...

Tell the youngest that a complete stranger from New York wishes him a Happy Birthday and many more.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday indeed! I love the photo, he must have a fun sense of humor.

Joanne said...

I've often thought, and I hope even said out loud, that he is one of the most interesting people I have ever had the pleasure to know.

Happy Birthday, Drummer Boy!

Sian said...

Happy Birthday Luke You sound like a lot of fun.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Of COURSE the title is related to Springsteen! :)

What a lovely post and an even more awesome little boy you have P. You obviously did good. You did REAL good!

Happy Birthday!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

adorable; with a touch of mischievous. and the photo of the girl with the boa; sweet. and the homer photos. cute.
thanks for the chuckles today

jenica said...

love it.

your posts always cheer me up. ;-D



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