Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Scribblings: The Future of the Planet

Perhaps it's that the concept of saving the entire planet is too large for me to consider. I mean, what can one breeder do to save Earth? I've already wasted so many resources, and I've caused three upticks in the population over the last dozen years. I've consumed so much more than my fair share, it seems insurmountable to try to rectify. All I have left to give, it seems, is guilt, guilt, guilt.

I want to buy into the "Think Globally, Act Locally" bumper stickers I see, ironically, as frequently on gas-guzzling SUVs as I do on compacts or hybrids. I want to believe that the efforts I'm helping lead at the kids' school to "Curb Your Carbon" are helping to raise more mindful future adults. I want to think that my recycling computers and other electronic items at a local recycling center matters. I want to be able to pat myself on the back whenever I use Freecycle to either give away my items or get items I need without buying new stuff. I want to think that the items I give to Goodwill each month continue the cycle of use of material goods. I want to believe that my use of the blue bin and the green bins each week do some good.

I want, I want, I want.

Mostly, I want to believe that, while my future is short-lived by the very nature of my age, my children's futures will not be one of direness. [Dang, is that even a word?] I want to believe that, just as my parents "foolishly" worried that nuclear war would shorten their children's lives, I am "foolishly" worried about planetary disaster shortening my own children's lives.

I know I am foolish in many ways. Sadly, I don't believe my worries about the future of the planet fall into the "foolish" column.

[And, now, having spent 10 minutes depressing the hell out of myself, I'm going to spend some time reading other Sunday Scribblings posts to deepen my despair.]


D... said...

I'm depressed now too. ;)

I do wonder what the future our adult children will be living in. What kind of world will they be raising their children? Yeah, I need to stop this line of thinking right now.

Lucy said...

i know what you mean, I wrote a similar thing.. It is TOO scary of a thought, to believe Our kids won't have a future on our planet. If we thought that way, how could we possibly "live" life? If you need hope mine. :)

Sian said...

Yup, I am not participating in this weeks SS as the theme of "death and destruction" isn't really conducive to a good nights sleep really

Jen B said...

ditto...I feel the same way!

Granny Smith said...

Well put. I think the future not of my children but of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I do my small part, but the powers-that-be will have to make bigger decisions. Let's bug them to do so!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Again I say, I get that. Sometimes all the woe in the world seems so heavy. But you're right, history is cyclical and this too shall pass (and hopefully somehow, someway improve).

Beautiful scribblings P.

The Owners said...

I agree with Granny Smith. The government is going to have to step in and do it's part. That's pretty hard when most of the government is made up of elected officials who got in office because the big bad corporations responsible for most of the global problems paid their way.

A lot of people are lazy by nature and don't want to spend the five minutes it takes to clean out a mayonaise or peanut butter jar. Instead they toss 'em in the garbage and figure someone else can worry about it.

My husband used to be in charge of the "dump" runs and recycling. Now that I'm in charge, everything that can be recycled gets recycled. I even harassed the guy who works at the dump because they don't do anything with 3, 5 and 7s.

Guilt can be a good motivator.


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