Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #55

1. Another Springsteen concert under my belt last night. Wow. Speechless about it. Again.

2. Youngest, to me, while I’m driving and rockin’ out to music, “Old folk should be your type of music. I’m five, so rock ‘n roll should be my type.”

3. “Take your hat off out of respect,” when the National Anthem plays means you, too, ladies with morning hair at opening day for Little League.

4. Sunday afternoon, I’m doing a crossword puzzle. “’Inferno’ author” is the clue. I rack my brain to recall up Irwin. You know, he of “Towering Inferno” fame. Yeah, the answer was Dante. [Which I realized as soon as I saw the “D” on the grid.]

5. Thank you, Sir Stevio late of Novato and current New Zealand resident, for sending me in the
right direction to fix Eldest’s Xbox 360’s Red Ring of Death. I now have (more) peace in the house.

6. Driving to Sacramento for the Springsteen concert last night, I swear I heard a report on the radio about a freak storm in Colon, AL. I’ve got a great litter campaign for them: Keep Your Colon Clean.

7. Totally old and decrepit crowd at the concert as reflected in the fact that the oldest cops pulled concert duty this time around.

8. I spent my wad of good luck yesterday getting a flat tire on the Jeep at 10 a.m. in my own driveway rather than at 10 p.m. in the parking lot of the Arco Arena.

9. I carry my notebook with me at all times, but I’d have given my kingdom for a camera last night. This lady in the pit had heels so high she must have felt she was walking on stilts.

10. It has been nearly 20 years since I went on my own to a Springsteen concert. Pete just didn’t have it in him to drive all that way (there and back) and then stand for hours next to a crazy woman. Funny, that’s the same excuse my ex gave me 20 years ago.


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