Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #57

1. The death of Danny Federici makes me remarkably sad. Just 58 years old and dead of melanoma after a three-year battle. My own father died of melanoma at just 56 years of age following a three-month battle.

2. The temptation to send a card of something seems so silly, but that's what my heart is telling me to do.

3. I do remember being incredibly annoyed after my father died whenever someone would say, "I know how you feel." It tops my list of things to never say to another soul after someone they love dies.

4. Let's switch gears to happier thoughts, shall we? How about explaning why I am doing a massive spring cleaning just in time for Youngest's birthday party today? Does that not defy logic? Won't a bunch of 6-year-old boys just trash the place?

5. The woman who is making new bench cushions for our kitchen eating area offered to bring them this morning. I declined, afraid I would forever hate the kid who dumped his chocolate cake onto my new cushions.

6. Anyone know if ScotchGuard is toxic?

7. Youngest has been “helping” me clear out the back 40. I promised him half of the recycling money for his efforts. Eldest complained bitterly that it wasn’t fair that he didn’t get a chance to help. I told him there was plenty of time on the weekend to help as well. He offered that he’d skip school instead so he wouldn’t have to waste his Saturday or Sunday.

8. Speaking of Youngest and his helpfulness, he is the only one of the three who has taken up the charge of cleaning off the bathroom sink each time he uses it. The other two just keep moving the rag out of their way.

9. Eldest has been recruited to play on a select soccer team. Total commitment of time, if he were to do it? From July to November, every weekend and one or two nights a week. Total price commitment, if he were to do it? About $1,800. Cough, choke, gag.

10. Guess who will be playing regular old soccer again this season?


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