Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wordy Wednesday #14: Come Sail Away

Come Sail Away
Eldest was just a baby when we got this bath toy for him. I remember playing in the tub with him and it, and later his little sister. Yes, I bathed with them both for the longest time.

I remember being ginormously pregnant with Daughter and still climbing in the tub with Eldest for bath time. Daughter tossed me over as a bath mate by the time she was 2, so I didn't have to go through the stage of being ginormously pregnant with Youngest and still crawling into the tub most nights.

I love this toy. I have a hard time bidding it farewell. The two bathers left in the family are 9 and newly 6, yet this toy remains on the side of the tub. It doesn't get the use it once did. Still, I'm not actually telling them it's going to a new home. I don't want the angst which will surely accompany its departure.

Good-bye, Elmo. Good-bye, Cookie Monster. Good-bye, Sesame Street submarine and raft. You have all served our family well. We will never forget you.

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