Friday, May 16, 2008

Just Hummin' Along

Want to be bored with talk of the weather? You do? You honest-to-God have nothing better to do than hear me moan and groan about how bloody hot it is? Go floss instead. You'll feel better.

Still here, eh? All right, I warned you. It is hot, hot, hot around these here parts. We have three or four of these mini heat waves each year. It sucks, sucks, sucks. Thursday morning, it was 78 degrees in the house at 5:40 a.m. In the house! And the thermometer just keep creeping up all day, topping out at 93 degrees. In the house! At 9 p.m., it had fallen to 87 degrees.

Neighbors all around us shut their windows and doors and turned on the air conditioning. Even the die-hard greenies across the street did. All you could hear outside was the humming of the air conditioning.

We did not turn on the AC. We do not believe in air conditioning. It uses far too much electricity, which is certainly bad for the environment and bad for our wallets. It also makes us awaken with froggy throats. It feels so unnatural.

But there is one more reason we didn't turn on the air conditioning. It is, perhaps, the most important reason. We don't have any. Boo hoo! I'd take a froggy throat, an empty wallet and increased global warming if only we could be cool and refreshed. Yes, folks, we'd collectively sell our souls for the cool of an air conditioner.


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