Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #58

Never Smile at a Crocodile, er, Alligator
1. How do I know that lacrosse is a game for the wealthy? Whenever we take the mutton-head down to the field to run, we find lacrosse balls. Now, I understand they cost about $2 a pop, which means some kids can afford to not bother looking for the balls they lose.

2. We collect them. We gave them to our not-as-wealthy friends who have a son who plays. He got 20 of the suckers.

3. We found another five the past two days, and handed them over to another friend whose son keeps losing the balls.

4. We kept one, though, because we know whose it is. How do we know? The kid puts his initials on his. Which would normally mean that he’d get them back, right? Except he’s a mean kid who is mean to Daughter. She calls him her “arch nemesis.” So his carefully initialed lacrosse balls wind up as dog toys.

5. I know I should be using this as an opportunity to teach Daughter, and the boys, of course, how to be the better person. Having my own arch nemeses, I’m all for keeping the kid’s lacrosse balls.

6. In other news, we’ve got Daughter’s former second grade teacher coming over for a play date tomorrow. Daughter is over-the-top excited. How many kids have teachers for play mates?

7. I hope she’s ready to play Webkinz!

8. I am officially calling myself done with clearing out the back 40, if for no other reason than I now have alligator skin on my arms. [Please refer back to yesterday’s haiku if you’ve no clue about that.]

9. With just a bit of work to do to tidy up the front, that now means I have to tackle the inside. First on the list? Going through the boxes and boxes of “keepers” I’ve managed to create since the birth of Eldest. Yeah, every card ever given, every photo, every list of gifts received, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

10. Too bad it’s too dry to have a bonfire. I think it would be easier to just toss the boxes on top.

[Photo courtesy Time, Inc.]


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