Saturday, May 10, 2008

Weekly Wonderings #59

1. It’s nice to know that I didn’t kill all the baby birds-to-be in our yard. There are three little scrub jays flying around near a recently uncovered treasure of a bush in our yard.

2. Now if I could only convince Daughter that the birds are from the eggs which became among the disappeared last Sunday.

3. It was field trip day for the kindergarteners yesterday. Youngest was particularly excited that he would get to ride on a school bus for the very first time. In fact, I’d have to say that was what he was most looking forward to.

4. I was looking forward to accompanying 40 5- and 6-year-old kids. Not.

5. Waiting for the bus to arrive, I was watching the kids play on the playground at school, chatting with the morning kindergarten teacher. Who comes running up? None other than Youngest, who says in a very, very loud voice, “Mom, someone wrote ‘F$#k You’ on the slide.”

6. Beat, beat, beat. “That doesn’t sound like a word from ‘Mac and Tab,’” says the teacher.

7. Yeah, someone had gouged the obscenity into the slide, for all the kids to see. My good little reader spotted it first.

8. Armed with a pair of scissors and with the teacher keeping the kids back, I gouged out the words, ensuring the safety of all the little ones’ eyes for at least another day.

9. The field trip itself, then, was rather anti-climatic. Lots of bugs. Lots of rocks. Locks of clams. Lots of mussels.

10. And lots of anger from one little girl at another because the second dared to keep naming a ladybug as her favorite animal. Goodness, didn’t she know that was the first little girl’s favorite?


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