Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #60

1. Awakening at 5:40 a.m. Thursday, I noticed the temperature was 78 degrees. In my house! They're not kidding when they say we're having a hell of a heat wave.

2. It must be global warming, right?

3. I love wearing flip-flops, and I'm especially fond of how black the space between my big toes and second toes get. A sure sign of summer, that black is.

4. My mom called Wednesday night to tell me it was 90-odd degrees in Florida. That's not the real reason she called. The real reason was to tell me of how much she scored at the slot machines on the gambling boat.

5. I only wish she would rake that kind of cash in when I'm with her and we have the "let's-split-our-winnings" agreement in place.

6. With much anticipation, Youngest was looking forward to watching E.T. last night on Nick. He kept noting that it started at 8 o'clock, and that he would be able to watch the whole thing because "Saturday is a day off." Asleep on the floor by 9:10, he was.

7. Eldest made it until the bitter end at 10:30. Daughter? Not interested, thanks, as HSM2 was on the Disney Channel. Besides, "E.T. is too ugly."

8. I decided to start drying clothes outside rather than wasting electricity and carbon (and money) on the dryer.

9. I made the mistake of looking up how much each dryer load costs. 38 cents. That's it. 38 cents.

10. At this rate, I won't break even on the clothespins and rope I bought for the makeshift clothesline until load number 37. It had better be a long, hot summer.


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