Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wordy Wednesday #17: Mussel Beach

Mussel Beach
Friday's field trip for Youngest -- his first one -- was filled with thrills. The biggest, of course, was riding the school bus. Clearly, we don't get out much around these here parts if riding a school bus is such a big deal. Why, when I was a kid...

He had a good time. He was paired with one of his two best friends. His mother went with him, so he had none of the anxiety that could have plagued him. He learned about mussels and clams and plankton -- not the Plankton of SpongeBob fame, mind you, but the real thing -- and barnacles and potato bugs and lizards and spiders and poison oak. Oh, yes, it was a heck of a field trip.

You can see he was enjoying himself, showing off his mussels. [Note to self: one more word to add to his list of homophones.]


I mentioned to Eldest the other night that I had a fairly wide open day Friday. Writer that he is, he wondered if I would perhaps like a wri...