Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wordy Wednesday #18: Bow. Wow!

Bow. Wow!
She's a character, that mutton-head of ours. Part Catahoula Leopard, part God-knows-what-else, she's of sweet disposition with a wild streak that comes out of nowhere. I guess that's not the whole truth. That streak comes out whenever it's encouraged, and only rarely when it's not.

But the bow of hers is something fairly new. I know my brother-in-law was working on teaching their dog to do the bow on command. I don't know if he's been successful as yet. They've got a brilliant, purebred, sweetheart of a Golden, so I'm guessing she's mastered the new trick.

Mutton-head has only recently added the bow to her repertoire, and she's almost ready to take it on the road to show people her latest parlor trick. [Not unlike Daughter's parlor trick of rapidly singing the alphabet backwards, a feat she mastered when she was 5.]

Anyway, to paraphrase Shirley Temple, "Corrie, take a bow."


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