Friday, June 13, 2008

Pay It Forward

The boys and I crashed a birthday party for Daughter's friend yesterday. Technically, I invited myself for the Chevy's portion of the party, ostensibly to help oversee the dozen or so kids but really because I can't get enough of their crab and shrimp quesadillas. In the end, the boys decided to come with me. We were not banished to a separate table, and, up until the very end, Youngest behaved himself very well.

This is not another rant about his behavior. Let's face it, even I'm tired of hearing about that.

No, this is about Heidi, a mother of one of the other party-goers and also a good friend of the birthday girl's mom. It turns out her ATM card was lost. She had no cash. She owns no credit cards. When drink orders were being taken, she requested water. When it was time to look through the menu, she said she wasn't hungry. Her lack of money had nothing to do with her lack of hunger, she said.

She was lying, of course. She wasn't going to eat because she had no money and wouldn't be able to get any until today, when her bank opened. She didn't want to mention it to her friend because her friend had plenty going on already.

I bought her dinner. Or, should I say, Pete bought her dinner. [Let's face it, I have no income, so any grand shows of largess stem from the fact that he turns over his paycheck to me every week. Thank you, honey, for going to work everyday, especially on gorgeous days like yesterday, when the sun was blaring and the pool was beckoning and life was good.]

Back to the saga. I don't expect to get the $13 back. I didn't ask for it back. I told her she'll come across someone in her situation in the future and she'll do the same thing for that person. In the end, it will all even out. Or at least that's my view of kindness.


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