Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sparing Some Change

Daughter is the middle child. She is all of 9, nearly 10, and she has been usurped of her "youngest child" title by just a tad over six years. She gets to keep the "only daughter" title for life, but it doesn't make up for the fact that she is not the youngest. Add to her life that Youngest seemingly has the singular goal of his life to make hers miserable, and you can see why Daughter often wishes Youngest had never been born. While she tries to limit her moaning about that, she doesn't limit her wish that he had been a little sister. [As a little sister myself, I would like to point out that gender, in and of itself, has little impact on how much one annoys an older brother or older sister.]

Daughter gets shortchanged mightily. She is able to amuse herself for hours on end. She is able to get what she needs with little assistance. She doesn't cry for attention. She doesn't show off for attention. She doesn't annoy the crap out of a sibling (or parent) for attention. She just is.

Silent kids don't get far in this family. [I've got to believe, really, that they don't get far in any family. Squeaky wheels must rule the roost, yes?] She is continually shortchanged because she does not require constant care. Unlike Eldest, she doesn't wave her banner to be noticed. Unlike Youngest, she doesn't wave every part of her being to get noticed. So it's easy not to notice. It's easy to let her be and focus on the fiery Youngest or the attention-seeking missiles of Eldest.

There's no point to this post today, really. [I know, there are rarely points to any of my posts. Thanks for noticing.] I'm going to accompany Daughter's class on a field trip. I'll be driving, bringing Youngest along for the ride because there's no place else to shelf him. Heading off the clashes of those two in advance, I will drive students on the field trip, but Daughter will not be one of them. She is going with someone else. Yes, I'm going on a field trip but will not see my own child during it. Can my life get any stranger? [Don't answer that!]


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