Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #63

1. I saw this headline, "Sting exposes organized crime family in Silicon Valley," and I wondered why the hell Sting was doing that.

2. Was that anything like Peter Townshend investigating child pornography?

3. I think I would pass with flying colors a pop culture quiz of a dozen years ago, but I'd fail miserably with anything more recent than that. I don't know any of the current crop of heartthrobs.

4. Unless we're counting the dreamy, yet dumb as a stump, Zac Efron, the object of Daughter's affections.

5. How do I now calculate when to fill up with gas? I check the cost of oil online and scurry to the gas station before the "poor" moms and pops who run the stations have a chance to scurry up the ladder and increase the price.

6. I was helping in Youngest's kindergarten class this week, doing my one hour a week in centers, and the task was to have the four kids -- none of whom were Youngest -- complete a fill-in-the-blank sheet as part of a Father's Day package.

7. Five- and six-year-olds are notoriously self-centered, right, but I think one little girl's answers went beyond. "My dad knows a lot about..." was filled in with "getting me what I want."

8. "My favorite thing to do with my dad is..." was completed with "when my dad does what I want him to do."

9. Wrapped around her little finger that dad is, wouldn't you say?

10. But my favorite answer to "My dad knows a lot about..." came from the pariah of the class. His answer? "Shooting." Now there's something to think about.


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