Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #64

1. Daughter had her summer dance recital last weekend. I had to sit through an incredible number of dance acts. Having never been a girl, I was so not interested in sitting there, ready to gouge my eyes out. But I did my part, carrying the flag for the girl whom I adore above all others.

2. At the dance recital was a chattering 3-year-old girl. I get that. Kids are tough to keep from chattering. No problemo.

3. But her 11-year-old brother and her mother chattering as loudly? Really? Brings to mind the Loud Family.

4. Daughter also had her music performance in school this week. When Youngest and I arrived to watch, we were greeted by horrified looks from Daughter. She proceeded to put her music sheets in front of her face, refusing to remove them.

5. After three songs, it was clear she would not perform in any meaningful way if the two of us stayed, so we made a hasty exit.

6. She offered up many excuses later as to why she acted that way, including stage fright. Given her love of being center stage and performing in front of large audiences, that was clearly not the reason.

7. The real reason? She just didn't want Youngest there. Because he's...him. Last year, I had to beat a hasty retreat because he was acting up. She was anticipating a repeat and wanted to beat us to the punch.

8. So we wrapped up all of the festivities during the last week of school, and now the kids are out for the summer.

9. Summer = 69 days of freedom for them here.

10. Counting today, only 68 more days until my own freedom.


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