Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wordy Wednesday #20: Tartin' Tot

I met a friend for lunch last week. We timed it so Youngest would be in kindergarten. Her nearly-three-year-old daughter came with her. She's an absolute angel, or at least she is publicly. Unlike some of my own children at that age, she can go to a restaurant and not cause complete havoc. Genetic or environment, who's to say. But she's a doll.

She is two, though, so part of the time, happily, had to be spent amusing her. I let her take a lot of pictures with my digital camera. And I thank God for digital cameras as there was no concern of wasting a bunch of film. I've yet to show her mom the magnificent talent her daughter has. I never seen a table or chair in quite that perspective before.

After the camera's magic stop amusing her, it was time for her to start burrowing through her mom's purse. And that's when I just started laughing my ass off. She was looking at herself in the compact mirror to see her handiwork in lipstick applying. I got a couple of shots of her looking as if she was getting ready for a big date...or to walk the streets. This is my favorite. Is she all that or what?

Tartin' Tot

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