Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wordy Wednesday #21: S'nakes Alive!

I do believe the kids' friends will want to stop spending the night at our house. They'll forgo the junk food they can't get at their own house and the ability to watch whatever they want on TV for however long then want and the playing of X-box for hours on end. Yes, they'll forgo all that because they know, come morning, they're part of the forced marches.

Guests can't opt out of the hikes, so do keep that in mind if you plan to visit us sometime this summer. In fact, when we have guests with us, we go the loooooooong way, taking close to two hours to complete the hike. No moaning or groaning allowed, and even Youngest has bought into that. Of course, the fact that we take two snack breaks probably helps his disposition.

Last Friday, Eldest had two buddies spend the night, so I had four boys with me on the hike on Saturday. Daughter lucked out of going because she had her dance recital both Saturday and Sunday.

Three brave 11-year-old boys add to the nature aspect of the hike. Youngest and I have a hiking notebook we've created, and we list all the creatures we come across. Thanks to the adventurous boys, we can now add a king snake and some other poor, headless snake of lower echelon status, being eaten by said king snake. I can only say that, gross as the picture is, I got way more heebie-jeebies in the flesh.

S'nakes Alive!


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