Thursday, July 31, 2008

Double-digit Daughter

She is sweetness. She is pink. She is love. She is lavender. She is Pokemon. She is strength. She is Webkinz. She is eager to please. She is light. She is peace. She is brilliance. She is High School Musical. She is baths. She is kindness. She is concern. She is fashion. She is fruit. She is health. She is excitement. She is cuddly. She is tears. She is drama. She is comedy. She is Kelly Clarkson. She is Hannah Montana. She is amusing herself. She is best friends. She is song. She is dance. She is confidence.

Ten years ago today, she entered my life, bringing only herself, and what a self she is. I've never known anyone like her. She is one of a kind, and the world will never be the same because she is in it.

Happy birthday, Daughter. Thank you for taking me along for the ride.

Double-digit Daughter


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