Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh, Were You Gone?

Mutton-head was supremely happy to see us again upon our arrival home Tuesday. She could not stop wagging her tail and wanting to be petted and have the ball thrown for her and be given treat after treat after treat. She acted as if she'd not seen us in...hours. It is the typical reception we get whenever we've gone out for the day. It was not something special, like we'd been gone five weeks. To her, it was as if we'd never really left.

I've always been led to believe that dogs don't really have a true sense of time. Having her humans gone five hours is no different to her than having them gone five weeks. I don't know how true it is, but it works for the purpose of this post, so I'm going to just stick with it rather than Google its accuracy.

The laundry is all caught up. The house is all clean. Everything is put away in its proper place. [Except, a la Everybody Loves Raymond, the luggage.] Within 48 hours of our return, I'd spoken to pretty much everyone who would have noted our absence. The kids have had friends over and have been to other friends' homes for sleepovers and the like. Everything is as it was before we left.

It is as if we were never gone. I'm already complaining about how freakin' hot it is, conveniently forgetting that I'd pined for the warmth whilst in the doldrums of a typical British summer. Youngest and Daughter have both purchased spankin' new Webkinz, courtesy of Aunt Margaret's benevolence. Eldest has been to Blockbuster and has already bitterly complained about the quality of available games I consent to let him play. We've been for a hike. The dog has been walked repeatedly. The trailer is up and has already been slept in. I've driven on the right side of the road with no ill effects. I've had several Super Big Gulps of Diet Coke. The bills are all caught up.

In short, we might very well have saved the thousands upon thousands of dollars we put out for our European Vacation given how much it outwardly remains with us. Inside, though, where it matters most, we remember what we did and with whom we did it, where we went and what we saw. While we might appear to be just like Corrie the Wonder Mutt, we've got more than just faded tans to show for it.


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