Thursday, July 10, 2008

Webkinz Idol

My kids have never seen American Idol. I have never seen an entire episode. It's nothing personal, mind you. It's just that the show doesn't attract our attention. Daughter adores Kelly Clarkson, and she's aware that Kelly won American Idol, but that's still not enough an impetus to propel her to watch it.

What the kids have watched repeatedly is the Shrek DVD, which has an extra where the Shrek characters perform on American Idol. That extra has been watched more often than the movie itself because, well, we don't have a big attention span, so the short extra fills their need for Shrek without having to watch the whole movie.

Right now I'm able to be at the computer because Youngest and Daughter are playing Webkinz Idol. They each brought four Webkinz with them on vacation, so three of the Webkinz are judges while five perform. Uncle Ken's computer is in a room above the "shed." [It's really a conservatory, but it is in the locale where the various sheds were. Thus it's never been called the conservatory.]

I can hear them playing. And by "playing" I mean bickering about Webkinz. Youngest wrote a song about Webkinz, and Daughter won't let him perform it. So their Webkinz Idol has deteriorated much like I imagine American Idol does at times. The 10 minutes I hoped to have to write this post are now up. I must now head down to the shed to negotiate a settlement between Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, AKA Youngest and Daughter. Wish me well.

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Anonymous said...

Oh this is hilarious. I thought mine was the only house where Webkinz had taken over. I'm ready to forbid them. B has something like 51 and StepSon has something like 24 (he only started collecting them after she showed him about them, and now it's only because he just wants to get more than her). B does tons of chores around the house and used to choose Webkinz with her allowance money. Now her stepbrother kind of ruined that for her. But they also play Webkinz Idol and I have to forbid Webkinz from coming into such places as church and restaurants.


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