Friday, July 18, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #67

1. It's been nearly five weeks since I read a "proper" newspaper. I'm thinking nothing has really happened in the world.

2. Reading the two newspapers Uncle Ken takes delivery of, I only know the goings-on of "Madge," AKA Madonna.

3. Oh, and I know that Angelina gave birth to a boy and a girl.

4. I'm starting to believe that my regular reading of my own two newspapers -- the Marin Independent Journal and the San Francisco Chronicle -- is what causes world crises. I'm thinking it's time to stop reading them.

5. There is lots to talk about with regard to our vacation, and I'll get to that once I'm safely home on Tuesday, but I can honestly say that hanging out with my mother has definitely been one of the best parts.

6. Drinking our coffee just this morning, we got on the subject of death and wills. She's leaning toward cremation. Given that she lives in Florida and will be buried in Virginia, she noted that it would be easier to get her ashes there rather than her body. I said there's always Dead-Ex as an option.

7. What to do with the additional plots she and her husband had that will likely go unused is a quandary for her. She'll go into the double-wide where her husband currently takes up one-half. (Don't worry, folks, he's dead.)

8. I wonder if e-Bay is a potential place to sell the remaining plots.

9. All of this is written and said with the overriding belief that Mom is good for at least another 15 years. Seeing how quickly my son has reached 12 years of age, I think I'd like to up the number of years she has left.

10. Gallows humor here, folks, because I'd otherwise be moaning about the horrible weather we've had and the fact that, in the middle of July, the central heating is on in Uncle Ken's and Aunt Margaret's house. I'm still wearing shorts, of course, because, damn it, it's July!


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